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Top 4 Best Passive Investments in 2022

PASSIVE ETF INVESTING Passive ETF (Index Fund) investing is one of the go-to investment classes for long-term capital growth in my investment portfolio. In fact, this is a strategy that Warren B...

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28 Dec 2021 SETHA THAY 912

How to Setup Logical Streaming in PostgreSQL 14

PostgreSQL logical replication enables sending a stream of data modifications from one server to another server. logical replication creates a line of the data modifications stream from t...

Technologies PostgreSQL
24 Dec 2021 SETHA THAY 2944

Top 10 Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2022

The cryptocurrency market has been increased substantially over the past year if you invested $1K of the 10 cryptos in this article you would have $546K today. Since the cryptocurrency market has a...

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22 Dec 2021 SETHA THAY 1113

How To Invest Like The 1%

The millionaires and billionaires of the world are borrowing money at an accelerated rate. An article from the Wall Street Journal revealed that Morgan Stanley’s wealth-management clients hav...

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20 Dec 2021 SETHA THAY 923

Using Table Partition Technique to Improve Maintainability of Audit Log

In previous articles, we have introduced two articles talking about audit logs that track the changes of data values stored in the PostgreSQL database. In part 1, we were talking about steps to set...

Technologies PostgreSQL
11 Dec 2021 SETHA THAY 1132

Top 6 high growth ETFs in 2022

In this post, we are going to introduce the top 6 high-growth ETFs in 2021 and you may also consider investing as well in 2022. ETF stands for an exchange-traded fund that allows the investor to in...

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06 Dec 2021 SETHA THAY 811

Setting Up PostgreSQL 14 Database Cluster Using Google Cloud Engine

In our previous blog post, we have introduced steps and techniques how to install PostgreSQL 14 from source code on Google Cloud Engine. By doing this, we have only one standalone instance run...

Technologies PostgreSQL
25 Nov 2021 SETHA THAY 1609

Installing PgBouncer as Connection Pool for PostgreSQL 14

The short definition of PgBouncer is a connection pooler for PostgreSQL. Based on the official website, there are a few wonderful features for database administrator and system architecture fo...

Technologies Tools PostgreSQL
13 Nov 2021 SETHA THAY 2861

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