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CICD Auto Deploy Your Project Using Gitlab Runner

This is a short story of DevOps and why it exists. DevOps is about bringing together 2 traditionally contentious groups within IT organizations. Application development has primarily been measured ...

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30 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 462

4 Most Creative Design Admin Dashboards Using Bootstrap 5 and Tailwind

This blog post will introduce the 4 most creative design admin dashboards using bootstrap 5 and tailwind. All of these five admin dashboards allow freely use for unlimited copies for your personal ...

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28 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 260

repmgr Command to Manage and Maintenance Your Database Cluster PostgreSQL 13

In the previous post, Managing High Availability Database Cluster with Repmgr, you have learned how to set up a PostgreSQL database cluster which consists of a master and two standby in the same se...

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25 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 659

Why Programmers Should BLOG?

In this post, I would like to share an article that inspires me to create this blog journey regardless of money-making throughout the process. The article was written by Adrian Twaorg, he is a blog...

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24 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 220

VS Code Extensions You Absolutely Needed in 2021

VS Code or Visual Studio Code is a popular tool for developers to write code. Here is the formal definition "Visual Studio Code is a code editor redefined and optimized for building and d...

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20 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 260

CRUDBooster an effective CRUD generator to bootstrap laravel web application development

In the previous post, I wrote about setting up a new project with laravel sail and docker on window 10 which is a new development model for these recent years. This is because of the...

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18 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 243

The best package to export data to excel in laravel

One of the default functionality that should exist in software or web development is exporting data in different formats such as Ms.Excel, PDF, or Ms.Word. It becomes a norm for almost every softwa...

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17 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 269

Best way to show website language based on visitor location

If you are making your website using laravel and finding the solution to translate your website for multiple languages, you can follow this post 4 simple steps to make your website support multi-la...

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16 Jul 2021 SETHA THAY 220

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