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Top 5 Largest BITCOIN MINES in the world

Just a few years ago, when you wanted to mine bitcoin all you needed just a computer that connected to the internet, set up the mining program, and left at night to do the work for you. This strate...

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09 Dec 2022 SETHA THAY 1885

10 Lessons from The Psychology of Money

1. Building Wealth Takes Time Building wealth takes time more than what we expect and it's hard to acknowledge. For example, Warren Buffet only became incredibly rich in his later years...

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29 Aug 2022 SETHA THAY 1376

19 Ecosystem in Laravel Framework You Must Know - Part 1

This article will shortly introduce the popular useful ecosystems in the Laravel framework you might not know about. As many companies worldwide use Laravel in their projects, and thousands of pack...

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20 Jul 2022 SETHA THAY 1695

Using Percona to Monitor and Manage Your PostgreSQL PgBouncer and HAProxy

In this article, we will introduce a tool called "Percona Monitoring and Management" which is an open-source database monitoring, management, and observability solution for popular databa...

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29 Jun 2022 SETHA THAY 3263

Well Preparation for UpComing Recession

The market is looking pretty scary and we are thinking about publishing an article talking about how well you can prepare for the upcoming recession if it does happen. Three questions might be...

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07 Jun 2022 SETHA THAY 1309

7 Things That Guarantee You'll Become Rich

In this blog, we are going to write about 7 things that guarantee you'll become rich if you are able to accomplish them. Let's begin with the easiest ways to separate the rich and the poor....

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22 May 2022 SETHA THAY 1171

Differences of Database vs Data Warehouse vs Data Lake

In this blog post, we are going to introduce the differences between the database vs the data warehouse, and the data lake. The most familiar term we used to hear is DATABASE. We rat...

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07 May 2022 SETHA THAY 3072

Installing HAProxy 2.5.5 from source in RedHat

In this blog post, we will show step by step on how to install HAPrxoy version 2.5.5 from sources downloaded from the HAProxy official website in the Redhat server. As you might already know, HAPro...

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01 Apr 2022 SETHA THAY 5147

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