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Well Preparation for UpComing Recession

The market is looking pretty scary and we are thinking about publishing an article talking about how well you can prepare for the upcoming recession if it does happen. Three questions might be...

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07 Jun 2022 SETHA THAY 914

7 Things That Guarantee You'll Become Rich

In this blog, we are going to write about 7 things that guarantee you'll become rich if you are able to accomplish them. Let's begin with the easiest ways to separate the rich and the poor....

Investment Financial Freedom
22 May 2022 SETHA THAY 761

Differences of Database vs Data Warehouse vs Data Lake

In this blog post, we are going to introduce the differences between the database vs the data warehouse, and the data lake. The most familiar term we used to hear is DATABASE. We rat...

Technologies General Knowledge SQL / MySQL PostgreSQL
07 May 2022 SETHA THAY 1599

Installing HAProxy 2.5.5 from source in RedHat

In this blog post, we will show step by step on how to install HAPrxoy version 2.5.5 from sources downloaded from the HAProxy official website in the Redhat server. As you might already know, HAPro...

Technologies Tools PostgreSQL
01 Apr 2022 SETHA THAY 3588

6 Money Traps You Must Avoid

In this post, we are going to talk about 6 major money traps that everyone should avoid at all costs. If we are able to avoid these traps we will be a lot better in financial status. We can be happ...

Investment Financial Freedom
11 Feb 2022 SETHA THAY 800

Solid Investment Portfolio in 2022

In this post, we are going to talk about the solid proof and a strong foundation investment portfolio we can build in 2022. Within the last year 2021, the stock market has been run up very high whi...

Investment Financial Freedom STOCK Cryptocurrency
26 Jan 2022 SETHA THAY 816

8 Powerful Stock Trading Lessons

There are many strategies everyone can use as a tool to participate in the market. You can be a long-term value investor by using the analyzing technique to determine the financial statement of a c...

Investment Financial Freedom STOCK
16 Jan 2022 SETHA THAY 891

How to setup and configure laravel telescope in existing projects

In this article, we are going to do an experiment showcase of the laravel telescope for our existing project NestCode GEO which includes step by step of installation processes and configuratio...

Codes Laravel Tools
30 Dec 2021 SETHA THAY 2936

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