Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2021

The Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

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Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2021

Coding languages are tools used by developers around the world in software development. Programming languages are evolving similar to the other professional area. Some programming languages gain popularity, some lose their prime positions and it’s useless to spend time learning. For a new starter striving to study programming languages, it might be difficult and complicated to figure out the starting point and which technology language to select. Let us help you out with a brief description and explanation. Here’s the list of the top 5 programming languages that we think it's popular in the year 2021


This is one of the world well-known programming languages. Java was created in 1995 and now it’s owned by the global technology company Oracle. According to statistics from Oracle, there are around 3 billion devices worldwide running by Java. It’s an object-oriented language that is broadly used and famous for huge server-side enterprise-level applications. It's very secure and portable as well as highly structured. Furthermore, it's used to develop not only desktop applications but also mobile applications, big data processing, embedded systems, etc. Java is broadly used by gigantic IT corporations, including Amazon, Google, and Twitter. Java coding skills are in high demand for several years and expect to be the same in the next few years.

Besides basic foundation Java code, frameworks are also popular among developers when starting a journey with a new language because it's a pre-written code divided by modules for solving a specific problem or simplify the architecture. Currently, there are a few popular Java frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Struts Vaadin, Blade, etc which come along with pre-defined modules and architectures for developers. You can read documents and carefully choose. 


Python is amazing in web development, software prototyping, and data science. There are three core things that make Python a vocalizer language to find out. First, it’s free and open-source. Second, readability because of its easy-to-use syntax which makes it one of the easiest programming languages to learn for new beginners. And third, this can be the technology behind the high-demanded areas of knowledge Science and Machine Learning. The shortage of skills and professionals here is incredibly high. Moreover, Python has many potential modules for GUI-based applications which is significant for visually loaded projects.

Similar to the other languages, there are also many python frameworks such as Dash, Django, Falcon, etc that serve developers around the world. Django is the most popular that include built-in features and utilize ORM for mapping objects with tables in the database.



Kotlin is a new baby-born programming language baked by JetBrains for modernized multi-platform applications. It is 5 years olds that officially released in 2016 and it’s very like a junior brother of Java. It had been actually aimed toward outperforming the elder one (JAVA). But we might say there’s still a way to go compared with the popularity and number of usages. Kotlin is widely used for Android development. And it's highly supported by Google. Some tools that Java already has are needed to be re-created in Kotlin. Still, there are many vital companies like Coursera or Pinterest that choose to work with Kotlin. A new starter might find Kotlin a little complicated. But you can learn Java first and then upgrade your skills with Kotlin you’ll be much above the typical developer in many ways.

There are a few reasons that Kotlin can beat up Java. Readability, Interoperability, and Immutability can outperform Java. Kotlin reduces the repeatable code which does not serve any purpose for the functionality of the application, therefore, requires fewer lines of code compared to Java. Kotlin can be used with co-existing Java classes without any issues that enable developers to easily transition from Java to Kotlin. The immutable is the ability to block the state change of an object once it is created.


Apple released Swift language in 2014 after a successful and well-known launch programming language Object-C, it’s a comparatively new code language but it is already greatly in demand. Swift code is concise and expressive to be easily understood by developers. Giant technology companies like WordPress, SoundCloud, or Mozilla Firefox write Swift for the development of their iOS apps. With the decay of Objective-C, Swift became the official language for iOS and macOS, watchOS development.


This programming language was written in history with its reputation. It’s an option for Windows development and anything based on the .NET platform. It had been created by Microsoft and it is still one of the best ever technologies for enterprise-level development. C# is simple, object-oriented, and modern through various basic and advanced concepts. It's super simple and easy to start for a newbie. C# is also wisely used in the engineering of games which is a significant development environment for the gaming industry.

The spectacular of C# is not only the Windows desktop application but also the back-end site such as web application, restful API. C# can be a language working as the coordinator between your database and front-end to expose data via restful API.

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